Scope & Research Areas

The scope and research areas covered by "Al-Uswah Research Journal" are focused on Islamic studies and the sirah (biography) of Prophet Muhammad. The journal welcomes original research papers, articles, and reviews related to the following areas:

  1. Quranic Studies: Analysis and interpretation of the Quranic text, its themes, and historical context.

  2. Hadith Studies: Critical analysis of Hadith literature, its authenticity, and its relevance to contemporary Islamic thought and practice.

  3. Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh): Studies on Islamic law and its application in modern times.

  4. Islamic History: Research on Islamic history, including the early Islamic period, the life of Prophet Muhammad, and the development of Islamic civilization.

  5. Islamic Ethics and Spirituality: Studies on Islamic values and principles, including ethical and spiritual teachings.

  6. Islamic Education: Research on Islamic education and its role in contemporary Muslim societies.

  7. Comparative Religion: Comparative studies of Islam and other religions.

  8. Interfaith Dialogue: Studies on interfaith dialogue and cooperation between Muslims and people of other faiths.

The journal also welcomes interdisciplinary research that combines Islamic studies with other fields, such as philosophy, sociology, anthropology, psychology, and political science. Overall, the "Al-Uswah Research Journal" provides a platform for scholars and researchers to contribute to the advancement of Islamic knowledge and scholarship, and to promote greater understanding and appreciation of Islam and its teachings.